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History and presentation

The French SAI chairs the Intosai Working Group on Evaluation of Public Policies and programs which participates to the goal of "Knowledge sharing".

Since its creation in 1992, this group has focused on exchanging good practices on program evaluation, collecting and disseminating information and facilitating implementation of evaluations by SAIs.

A major result of this group consisted in the endorsement of the “Guidelines on the Evaluation of Public Policies” by the Incosai XXII of December 2016 classified as Intosai GOV 9400 (cf. These guidelines, which aim to identify the main characteristics and methods of the Evaluation of Public Policies, had been submitted to a large consultation within Intosai community and international organizations such as the UN General Secretariat.

On this basis, a new direction for the Working Group on the Evaluation of Public Policies has been approved at the Incosai and the composition of the group has been reviewed to take into account the new direction. According to "Knowledge sharing" strategic goal, and as stated at the Incosai, the Working Group will organize, between 2017 and 2019, (I) technical workshops on the optimal combination of quantitative and qualitative methods in performing evaluations and (II) on concrete cases of evaluation in a specific sector, the health sector. This activities will be set up, as far as possible,  in partnership with well-known national and international professional organization evaluators.

The meeting of September 25th and 26th 2017 was the first one taking place after the adoption of the guidelines on the evaluation of public policies as well as of a new work plan for the group.

As a consequence, the objective of the meeting was to delve deeper into the practice of public policy evaluation, with a particular focus on the optimal combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.